How HR Tests You for More Than Just Technical Knowledge

There are not many people in this world who relish the opportunity to sit through an interview. For most people, it is an awkward and stressful situation where they find it difficult to be confident in who they are. 

The folks in HR know this and might consider it when selecting candidates for a position. However, their final decision is based on more than just your technical skills. Here is how HR tests holistically. 

Communication skills

Einstein used to say that if you cannot explain something simply, you do not understand it enough. This is the kind of thinking that HR would follow to test how well you can communicate. They might make use of the Difference Guru to find topics that candidates need to explain. These topics can be as arb as explaining the difference between a sushi roll and a hand roll. 

The point is not to see how well you know your sushi but rather how well you can communicate the difference. There might be other communication challenges that they will also use, but one thing is certain, they will test your communication skills. 

Ability to work in a team

Teamwork is the name of the game and companies the world over are moving towards collaborative working models. HR will want to determine how well you will be able to work within a team setup. They will probably pose questions about your history with teamwork and how well you used to do it. 

A favorite technique that they will use to determine whether you are the right fit is to pose different scenarios to you and see how you respond. They will be looking for spontaneous and natural responses, so you will probably not even know that they are looking for an element of teamwork in your response. 

Work ethic

Work ethic is very difficult to measure, which is why HR will consult with the people who are put down as referrals on your resume. However, work ethic can be determined by more than just asking how hard a person works. 

Your day-to-day life will give them a pretty good idea of how diligent you are and how well your time management skills are developed. People who lead active lifestyles are generally very work-oriented. They need to plan their days, get up early and put in a lot of effort to achieve their results.      

General skills

We all know these questions, how proficient are you with technology, word processing, computer programs in general. It does not matter how technically qualified you are in your job. If you cannot perform basic general tasks, then something will go wrong sooner or later. 

HR will want to see whether you have the skills to perform non-technical tasks to get along during the day. Computer literacy is by far the most important skill that will be tested. Your ability to learn how new software works are essential and there might be a test to see if you have the skills to figure a program out on your own.  

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are some of the most sought-after skills in any profession. HR will hammer this aspect because a person who can solve a problem and figure out where to get an answer accurately is more valuable than a person who knows a finite amount of things. 

They are not necessarily interested if you know all the answers. They will be looking for candidates who can make plans to figure out what went wrong or how to solve a problem that they have never seen before. 

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