4 Crucial Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Small Business Promotion Campaign

Promotion is key to making a business get seen by its potential customers. For small businesses, promotion is a make-or-break activity that can change the future of a business in more ways than one. 

The trouble is that for many small business owners, there is so much on the line, so little to work with and so much inexperience that the chances of making permanent mistakes are too high. You can guarantee success with your small business promotion campaign by avoiding the mistakes below:

Skipping out on low-cost but hard-hitting promotion avenues

There are very many avenues of promotion for small businesses to take advantage of. The most effective are usually quite expensive and for a good reason. 

Many small businesses assume that only these expensive promotional methods are worth trying, forgetting smaller, less obvious and ultimately lower-cost methods they could have employed. 

Expensive options blow up small budgets in no time. Less popular but lower-cost promotion options such as branding items with the business’s logo and name can be high-performing when done right, and they don’t decimate the already tiny budget. 

Empirepromos.com makes promotional branding easy for small businesses with their customizable assortment of promotional gear, office items, and other general and marketing items for small businesses. Their online shop is popular among small businesses for their wholesale rates and limitless inventory.

Spending too much on social media ads

There’s no doubt that social media is king today where millions of a small business’s potential customers could be living. Almost all social media platforms provide advertising options for entities and they have proven effective for businesses looking to get seen or get leads. 

But for small businesses, spending a lot of money on social media ads in the beginning is a mistake. As any marketer will tell you, social media ads are not cheap and they can be a total waste when bought in plenty but targeted at the wrong people. 

For any business, social media promotion needs to start with a little testing to gauge the market, preferably done with small amounts of money. Do not spend thousands of dollars buying social media ads on Facebook or some other platform before you learn who your target audience is.

Budgeting errors

Small businesses tend to have limited cash to work with, posing a challenge for spending and cash flow. Many small businesses also make the mistake of budgeting poorly, especially for crucial activities such as promotion. 

Many money managers allow either very little money for promotion, forcing the business to forgo some important opportunities. When very high amounts are put aside, the budget is almost always misused during the touch-and-go phase of promotion. 

Other small business money managers make the budget non-flexible, limiting growth. The ideal strategy is to set a low amount of cash aside for each activity at the start with a spare amount marked for any individual increments within budget. 

Skipping out on market data collection before the start of promotion

Many small businesses go ahead with promotion without knowing more about their immediate market and its current state. They assume that everything will reset automatically and customers will be drawn to their promotion materials without much effort. 

Without the process of market data collection, small businesses tend to lose out on tiny but crucial data bytes that would have guided their ad spend and saved their budget, such as what customers are willing to spend. Lack of preliminary data on a targeted market is one of the reasons many businesses blow their promotion budgets too early or fold entirely within months.

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