5 Exercise Techniques to Use When Confined to Your Home

Being confined to one space for any length of time can eventually lead to cabin fever. Cabin fever is an old term used when people were stuck inside their cabins for months on end because they were snowed in. 

Even if this doesn’t happen much anymore because of the same reason, isolation due to COVID-19 has impacted many of us. The best way to relieve the stress of this isolation is to get some good physical exercise.

Dance routines

YouTube offers many types of dance forms to help you stay fit at home. Clear a space in your sitting room and get your smart T.V. sorted. Search for a favorite dance form online and get the whole family involved. Ensure that your space is well ventilated because you don’t want to be breathing in stale air when exercising.

Your body needs loads of clean oxygen to exercise well, so call 5 Star AC Repair Houston to make sure your air conditioning system is functioning properly. They will quickly be able to test the system to see what maintenance is needed to get you exercising in fresh, healthy air.

Use typical home items

It’s quite astounding how many items you can use to help build an exercise routine right in your own home. Doing pushups using chair edges or the side of your bed are just two techniques to build arm and upper body strength. Fill bottles with water to use as weights to aid strength-building exercises.

If you have small children, they will love to be part of your exercise routine. Get them to hold your feet while doing sit-ups or strap them on your back as you run throughout the house. Do pushups with them on your back or include them in a dance routine.

Online aerobics classes

If you don’t have a smart T.V., get your PC connected to a big screen. Search YouTube for aerobics class online to get your blood pumping. There are many free videos on this platform, which cater to cardio workouts that are excellent for releasing endorphins.

Endorphins make you feel good after an intense workout, which is the ideal way to get rid of stress. After an aerobics class, you will find that your mood improves as a sense of calm descends on you again. Peace and calm are the exact mood space you need to deal with the stress of isolation.

Design an indoor circuit

Place furniture at strategic spots in different rooms throughout your home to create an exercise circuit. Use your dining room table as an obstacle that you need to slide under and sitting room chairs to jump over. Beds can also serve as an excellent part of your obstacle course for step climbing.

Chair edges can be used to place your hands on behind you to lower your upper body and push up on. On the spot running, jumping over obstacles in the passage or using stairs are other excellent exercise techniques to use when stuck at home.

A more sedate pace

Get out your yoga mat or source an online video to start learning yoga at home. The combination of stretch and breathing exercises is particularly satisfying because they induce calm and wellbeing. Tension seeps out of your body with the mindful stretching, while deep breathing enhances a meditative state that promotes peace.

You won’t regret trying this exercise if you can’t leave home as it is one of the best ways to make you feel good. Yoga is probably one of the most underestimated exercise forms on the planet, but you won’t know until you try it for yourself.

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