5 Tips to Decorate Your Home in the Country Style

Summer or winter, the country style of home decorating is as traditional and contemporary as home design gets. Beautify your space with a range of unique techniques and products that reflect gracious living. 

Stick to old favorites or redefine your indoor and outdoor décor to enhance your wellbeing. Add value with unique, attractive elements that make your home a haven where everyone wants to spend more time. Start small with a few select items or go all the way.

Water features

Select from a variety of stunning water features for indoors or outdoors. Small indoor water features add a touch of harmony to the home, providing gentle background white noise to soothe the energy around you. Add a small aquarium and fill it with fish that you can watch all day while listening to the soft tones of the water circulating. 

Install large outdoor water fountains to create a focal point in your garden. Order your outdoor fountain Soothing Company, which stocks loads of in- and outdoor decor products, because it knows how to create beautiful living spaces and indoor conditions that make life worth living.

Statues make gardens come to life

Add to the spiritual beauty of a natural green garden filled with plants, by including statuary. Religious statues, contemporary figures or a touch of humor lend a distinctly country feel to a garden even if you live in the middle of the city. 

Modern spheres, frog, angels, people or bunnies increase the sense of peace in the country-style garden, complementing your lifestyle with items that bring you joy. Include a touch of fantasy with mythical creatures if that is your preference, but include a selection of statues in your garden to enhance the sense of restfulness.

Improve outdoor décor with seating

A country garden is senseless unless you have a selection of seats to help you appreciate nature. Pick a wooden or iron bench, or one that is a combination of these natural materials. Purchase wooden stumps to place throughout the garden, or paint a selection of cinder blocks topped with a wooden seat. 

Many cast stone benches are available in a variety of styles and colors that make your garden a more enticing space to spend time in. Bring the country feel into your garden with any one or more of these options. Be creative with your choices because your living space is vital to your wellbeing.

Planters add spice to gardens

Situate a selection of attractive planters at strategic spots around your garden. Use these to grow your own herbs or populate them with the beauty of seasonal flowers. Country living speaks to an abundance of life in all its form. 

Attract birds, bees and insects to your outdoor living space with modular planters, planters on pedestals, round, square or any other shape. Distribute these as highlights in your gardens or allow them to meld with the other plant life. Appealing outdoor décor will translate into wanting to spend more time outside relishing the sunshine and the rewards of your efforts.

Add birth baths to your outdoor space

Country living is synonymous with hospitality. Birds often struggle to find water sources in the city, especially in the heat of summer. Place a birdbath in your garden. Not only will you be giving the birds a water source, but you will enjoy the show as the frequent your country garden. 

Provide birds with seeds and fruits to improve your hospitality. Even if you have a water fountain, a birdbath is a traditional sign of a country garden, which everyone can appreciate.

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