6 Packing Essentials That Improve Business Travel

Business travelers often take shorter, more frequent trips and so their packing essentials can look a little different from other travelers. They need to remain comfortable, organized, connected and well-rested at all times if they want to perform efficiently. If you often travel for business, here are some packing essentials you should invest in. 

1. A smart piece of luggage

You want check in luggage that is light, will last through many trips and that offers enough space to pack what you need to dress professionally. Monos luggage has a mid-sized case that’s light and easy to maneuver and yet gives you the packing space you need. 

You can pack your business shoes in a zipped panel on one half and use the other half for your suits where a compression pad and nylon straps will keep them compact. Pockets help to maximize the storage and you can keep items like chargers in them. 

2. Performance workwear

You don’t want to arrive for a meeting wearing wrinkled clothing. Comfortable, stretchy, suits and dresses are available that will make it possible to look professional at all times. 

Sleek and classic styles in wrinkle-free fabrics are the best option and will be suitable for coffee chats, lunches and meetings. If you’ll be doing a lot of walking while on your business trip, you need to make sure the shoes you take are both comfortable and stylish. 

3. Noise cancellation headphones

Noise-canceling headphones will cancel out any unwanted noise when you’re trying to work while traveling. You need ones that are wireless, effective and comfortable. If you choose some that have a wire and adaptor, you can also connect to something that isn’t equipped with Bluetooth.

For a shorter trip where you don’t want over-ear headphones that take up space, wireless buds are tiny enough to keep in a pocket and the charging case doesn’t take up much room at all. A good pair can give you about eight hours of playtime. 

4. A portable power bank

It’s a good idea to always have a battery pack on hand for business travel. Multiple emails and conference calls can drain the battery of your phone very quickly. A compact and lightweight portable power bank can really save the day. 

There are many battery packs on the market to choose from and it’s best to select one that is powerful and yet small enough so the weight isn’t a problem. A portable charger is highly recommended with a built-in lighting cable feature for an iPhone and a built-in micro-USB cable for wireless headphones and other devices. 

5. Travel adapter with multiple charging options

Hotels, even ones that cater to business travelers, often don’t have enough outlets. It helps if you can bring your own portable charge strip. 

If you travel to Europe and other countries around the world, you will need a universal adaptor, which is much easier than taking adaptors for each country. There are adaptors available that allow you to charge up to three devices at the same time and that you can use in many different countries.

6. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

Wi-Fi connectivity is critical if you are traveling for business purposes. While many places have responded to the demand for reliable connectivity, there are still plenty of locations, from trains to airports, where Wi-Fi connection is costly or unavailable. That is why a personal, portable Wi-Fi hotspot is ideal for working on the go. 

With an unlocked portable Wi-Fi device, you can use any data SIM card inside and make sure you always get the lowest rates. With a simple, palm-sized gadget, you can remain connected no matter where you are. 

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