Discover the Power and Persuasion of Online Reviews Before Buying

You know what good news is like – you want to tell everybody about it. If you find a washing powder that washes whiter than white, you tell your friends and family about it. If somebody tells you about a fantastic holiday destination that you ought to try out, you want to read up about it. You want confirmation that it is what people say it is.

Having access to the web has changed the way people shop, and reading customer reviews before buying can sway one in the opposite direction you intended. 

You glean more information

Online reviews have a significant impact on purchase decisions. Apart from the positive or negative reviews on the actual product, there is also other information that customers glean. 

Many customers give a star rating about their experience. They will say something like ‘the waiter took too long to bring our food, so I give this restaurant a 3-star rating instead of 5’. 

You can also get information on the price of the product and whether the price is in keeping with what customers are saying about the product. Reading reviews before buying something online is important for many customers who are dependent on reading these user reviews. 

They can find out if the product does and, in fact, match their requirements. All these snippets of information have powerful, persuasive implications for customers. 

Look at the negative side

Online reviews are certainly not all positive. But that’s precisely why you need to read reviews online so that you get the good and the bad of a product. That is the beauty of, an online reviewing site that reviews products you ask them to. 

Although the pages are fun and entertaining to read, you will be well enlightened about particular products. Know It All Nev is keen to test products for you and then write an honest review on them. 

The website doesn’t only review certain products in a particular category but reviews anything requested by a customer. They’ve already reviewed books, music, and other items and always provide well-researched answers to viewers who want to have their questions answered. 

You build a relationship

Reviews actually help you build a relationship with the supplier. If you read positive reviews, you want to establish an emotional connection because there is something good about them – something you want to build on. Customers are more comfortable using the business of people they feel they have come to know personally. 

When they know a business personally, if they do have a problem, they don’t write bad reviews – they talk to face-to-face with their business ‘friend’. If lots of business comes from existing customers, you keep them loyal by building a relationship with them. Many businesses lose customers because they fail to nurture relationships with these all-important customers.

The impact of the customer-business bond is strong and customers who are engaged with their provider, spend more. Certainly, in the hospitality industry, guests who are engaged with an accommodation venue will spend far more than those who haven’t got an established relationship. 

Follow the action

Negative reviews don’t necessarily mean doom and gloom as customers are eager to see what course of action the business will take, if indeed any, following a bad review. By responding to negative reviews, companies can actually mitigate the negative impact and show that they take note of- and respond to their customers. 

The negative review offers an opportunity to turn the tables to show principles and integrity by acknowledging the customer’s complaints. 

With the company responding by saying how they intend to deal with the negative review, demonstrates to potential customers that these are businesses that make a genuine mistake but that they are willing to fix it. Businesses like this are worth knowing. 

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