How To Fix Household Issues Without A Contractor

There is always a host of things that can go wrong in a home. But the good news is that not all repairs have to be a costly difficult procedure to do. Certainly, with major repairs, it is always advisable to hire a contractor. This is always wise if it is beyond the scope of the homeowner’s capability to repair. But many repairs are simple enough that they can be handled readily without the expense of hiring a professional contractor to complete it.

The important question is always knowing what repairs are good Do-It-Yourself projects and what projects should be specifically for a professional. Most major structural, plumbing, electrical and sewer problems require a professional to repair them. But smaller structural, plumbing, electrical and sewer problems can often be handled by a homeowner if they are a bit handy. There are a great deal of books, websites, magazines and YouTube videos that offer handy homeowners help in completing basic home repairs. These projects can save homeowner hundreds-even thousands of dollars. Here are some basic areas where homeowners can learn to do work on their own.

Structural-Some of the more common problems for homeowners that can repaired easily include: wall damage, replacing doors or steps at the front or back doors, replacing spindles on railings, trim repair, cabinetry work and basic flooring. Almost any of these projects can be done with a little reading up on how to best complete these Do-It-Yourself projects.

One of the other areas of structural work that can easily be done includes repairs for insect infestation. Carpenter Ant infestation can affect wood trim around windows and doors and can make them have dry rot. The effected wood often starts to crumble and shows bore holes and veins of tunnels from the infestation. One of the primary areas that wood boring insects like Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Termites enter is through outdoor trim around doors and windows. After the infestation is treated, repair of the trim is usually an easy repair for a homeowner to do themselves with a little research and tool skill.

Plumbing– Do-It-Yourself projects for plumbing can include faucet or handle replacements and shower head replacements. Many of these replacement items can be purchased at a hardware store. Each of these items comes with easy simple instructions for replacement.

Some homeowners are a bit savvier and can readily change out toilets and sinks, install a new dishwasher or replace water softeners. These projects do require a bit more plumbing knowledge and of course before setting up any plumbing project, the water to the area should be shut off before any work is started.

Electrical– Do-It-Yourself projects for electrical are a little trickier. Because electricity is a dangerous item to work with, it is best for most projects to be done by a licensed electrician. However, switching out light switch plates and replacing front doorbell hardware are pretty easy projects for most homeowners. These require no major electrical knowledge.

Other projects that require some basic electrical knowledge include: changing ceiling fans, vent fans, electrical light fixtures and changing out garage door motors. Homeowners who want to try to do these projects are their own should learn some of the basics of electrical before undertaking this type of project. It should be noted that all breakers to any area being worked on should always be turned off before completing a job.

Sewer and Septic-Do-It-Yourself projects that include septic or sewer issues usually involving clogged drain pipes. While a plunger or natural or store-bought drain decloggers can be a simple fix for many of these issues, there is a more advanced tool that can help for more difficult clogs. The use of a snake tool which is a more advanced way to de-clog pipes is a pretty easy fix. These tools can be picked up at most hardware stores and are a great tool to have around the house.

A call to a plumber or sewer drainage company for these types of clogs can cost several hundred dollars depending on when the service call comes in. Having the Do-It-Yourself tools to fix this can save a homeowner a great deal of money over the years. While some clogs are even more advanced and require a roto rooter type service, many can be fixed with the snake tool at home. This tool is great for clogs involving excess hair buildup.

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