Local Business Promotion to Get You Ahead of the Competition

With more people than ever starting their own businesses, it’s imperative that you keep yours relevant and visible to potential customers. If you’re starting out, now is a critical time during which your fledgling business will fly or fall. Successful local promotion could be the difference.

While older marketing techniques still have a place in your business, the primary focus should be your online presence. The more you make yourself heard and noticed, the more likely you are to generate business.

Here are some tried and trusted techniques to use to reach the local market around your business.

Social media

Many people use social media to find the goods and services they need. Not jumping onto the social media bandwagon means you will forfeit valuable business opportunities. However, utilizing the available platforms shouldn’t be done on a whim. While successful campaigns might look spontaneous, they rarely are.

Detailed social media marketing strategies rely heavily on planning ahead and emphasizing the brand, its consistency, aesthetics, and authenticity. They also require well-researched target markets for advertising, which must be done ahead of time. 

When deciding on a social media platform, evaluate the options, and determine which is best for your business. If you choose to use multiple platforms, remember that you cannot take one post and share it across them all. What works on one won’t necessarily work on the other.

Local SEO

People often tag the phrase ‘near me’ or the name of their town or city when they search for businesses. To get your business noticed, you should use local SEO techniques. This starts with listing your business across several online directories. If, for example, you are a roofer, you need to include this keyword in your profile and description.

Marketing agency seoforgrowth.com recommends getting professional help when it comes to getting the right keywords. For example, they could find a roofer optimal roofing SEO keywords to use. 

This would help bolster a business like rainscaperoofing.com if a user were to search a phrase such as roofers in Kansas City.


Once someone selects your business from a list of search engine results, they are directed to your website. It must be functional and professional if you want to keep that potential customer on your site. 

To keep your search engine results boosted and get traffic directed to your website, you need to fill it with interesting, relevant content. Those local SEO keywords are an important part of this process. By adding regular blog posts to your website, you can use these keywords to connect with customers and attract new ones. 

However, if you decide to start blogging, you need to stick with it. Erratic or irrelevant blog posts won’t do your company any favors. To avoid this, plan your blogging content well in advance and get a professional to write your posts to maximize their usefulness.


Surveys indicate that a growing number of people read online reviews before deciding to engage the services of a business. These reviews are the virtual version of word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family. The difference is that they’re there for the world to see if they’re online.

The quality of service you provide as a business is vital for a good reputation. Encourage customers to leave positive reviews. Often, clients will be reluctant to do so as it takes up their time, and there’s nothing in it for them. Offer them a voucher, discount, or other incentives to get them to leave you a good review that will be visible the next time someone looks you up.

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